Friday, 22 July 2011

My songs of the summer


 I'm really sorry that I haven't updated this blog for quite a while. I will now do my best to blog as regularly as possible.

 This summer I have been listening to several songs, some old and some new.

 First, as my college year was ending and I was spending a lot of time editing videos, I rediscovered this song. I was looking through music I had so I could choose music for a video I was making, and I found this.

 I had heard this already, but just bits of it. When I heard the whole thing, it enchanted me. It is just so beautiful.

 Therefore it didn't really surprise me to find that the song was written by Diane Warren, the American songwriter who wrote many songs that I like, such as "Because You Loved Me," "There You'll Be," "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now," and, "If I Could Turn Back Time," songs made famous by, respectively, Céline Dion, Faith Hill, Starship and Cher.

 In the end I didn't use this song in my video; it wasn't really appropriate for it; but I was so glad that through my video project I had rediscovered this lovely song that I had overlooked for so long.

 Between college ending and the start of my summer holidays, I went on a college trip to see the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. We stayed one night in each city. In Oxford, a group of my friends and I were having a sort of party in one of our rooms, and someone played this song which they had on their iPod, on an iPod docking station so we could all hear it.


 I don't know if I had heard it before. It did sound vaguely familiar. But I really liked it, and I remember thinking, "I must look that song up when I get home."

 And I did, and I have listened to it many times since. Not only is it a really nice song, but it reminds me of the amazing trip to Oxford and Cambridge; of the great time I had there, of the old friends I got to spend time with, and the new friends I made.

 Just after this trip, I was on a car journey and I heard this:


 Normally I don't have much interest in Lady Gaga's music, but for some reason I really like this. It might be the really catchy chorus, the passion with which she sings the song, the 1980s-esque video, or the sublime saxophone solo by the late, great Clarence Clemons; or probably it is a combination of all of these factors. I just love this song.

 There are a few other songs that have been important to me this summer so far, and I will try to add them to this blog tomorrow.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

 Songs: How Do I Live - LeAnn Rimes
            In This City - Iglu and Hartly
            The Edge of Glory - Lady Gaga

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