Monday, 3 August 2015

¡Hola from Salamanca!


 I thought you might like to know that the piece I wrote about the songs of my year in France has been published in Cuckoo Review!

 I am currently having a great time on a summer course in Salamanca, Spain. I am studying Spanish language, history and art. It is fascinating and I am learning a huge amount which is inspiring my writing and my own art.

 You can keep up with my adventures on my travel blog (which recently reached 10,000 views!).

 I'm planning posts for this blog as well: my review of The Kennedys' West, a piece on Canadian musicians and an exploration of the music that has so far defined my time in Salamanca, which includes Nanci Griffith, Céline Dion, Robin Gibb and Suzanne Vega.

 So watch this space!

 Thanks for reading; I hope you are having a nice summer (or whatever season it is in your part of the world!)

 Liz x

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