Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hope and Céline Dion


 I love this song by Céline Dion; it is such a message of hope; not just in love,which seems to be the main focus of the song, but in life generally. It's a song which tells us not to give up, never to give up. Plus it's a nice song musically too!

 Because Dion does a lot of covers, I thought before hearing this song that it would be a cover of The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range (which I like), yet it is a completely different song. A very nice song, too.

I quite like how basic and minimalist the video is; in fact I generally approve of Céline Dion videos more than those of similar artists whose videos are often over-the-top and not worthy of the song they are supposed to be showcasing. Yet Céline's videos tend to be sensible and show the song in it's best light - they let the song do the talking instead of distracting from it.

 I love Céline Dion's voice. It is simply amazing. So beautiful and distinctive. She deserves a lot of the credit as she must have spent so long training it and taking care of it, yet to have a voice so unique I believe is something you have to be blessed with. And some people just are: Cyndi Lauper, Stevie Nicks and Marie Fredriksson from Roxette to name a few.

 Anyway, I will sign off for now, and remember, never give up hope.

 Liz x

 Song: That's the Way It Is - Céline Dion (1999)

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  1. I now have to download Celion Dion songs...and add to the collection of songs that you keep making me listen to =P