Sunday, 22 January 2012

Memories ♥


 Have been listening to this...

 ...and reminiscing about good times - hearing this for the first time on the radio while eating in a supermarket café and wondering what it was; looking it up and finding out it was Gloria Estefan and being pleased because I like a lot of her music; then listening to it a great deal on YouTube in the next few weeks, maybe even the next few months.

 This was all in my early days of college, so hearing the song always brings back very strong and distinct memories; for example sitting in the language lab at lunchtimes on Fridays because I'd had a lesson there before lunch, and listening to music calmly and happily for an hour and maybe doing a bit of homework, before going to biology in the afternoon. This is how I would generally end my college week, and it was a pleasant ending, and this song brings it all back very clearly. Thank you, Gloria! ♥

 Also I can't mention those early college days without this song, which for a while I simply could not get out of my head: 

 More good memories! Particularly of bus rides home - the scenery near our college is quite nice and, much as I love college, it was always nice to be going home after a hard day's work for a well-deserved rest : ) And, as I've said, I couldn't get this song out of my head. So thank you Amy Grant too ♥ And I think it's adorable that she wrote the lyrics of this song for her baby daughter.

 That's probably enough reminiscing about college for the time being; I should probably get on with my homework; but I hope maybe you've enjoyed these songs too, and that this blog post has inspired you to consider which songs have a special significance for you. 

 Merci de lire,

 (that means thanks for reading!) 

 Liz x

 Songs: Don't Wanna Lose You - Gloria Estefan - 1989
            Baby Baby - Amy Grant - 1991

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