Monday, 21 April 2014

Northumberland and the Noughties


 A belated Happy Easter!

 I'm still on my Easter holidays and am enjoying having some rest and relaxation. Last weekend I went with my family to Northumberland for a few days, and I wanted to tell you about the trip, through, as always, music.


 Firstly, the way there was as much an adventure as the stay itself: the scenery was beautiful and an unexpected road diversion meant we had to go a very long-winded route that brought us even more moody views of mountains, lakes and heathland. It was very atmospheric.

 We listened to two different compilations of 00s music. Here are some of the highlights:

This song always reminds me of a friend's birthday party I went to when I was young. Very nostalgic!

I remember Pop Idol being the first talent show I ever experienced, when I watched the last few shows and the final. I wanted Will to win and was so glad when he did.

I also did a post about Westlife's song Flying Without Wings.

This has inspired me to do a whole post about Dido, so watch this space!

 Ah, the memories!

 We also listened to the radio and this song played.

 It is so typically Coldplay. If asked to identify the band you wouldn't hesitate a minute. While I'm not completely bewitched by it (see what I did there) I do find it quite pretty, and it will now always remind me of our journey to Northumberland.

 I also found out through research for this blog that it was released on my 20th birthday!


 When we got there, we explored Kielder Water and the surrounding woodland - it's very scenic and peaceful. We also did some stargazing as the skies were dark and clear, and the moon was incredibly beautiful.

 The first line from Annie's Song sprung to mind on more than one occasion.

"You fill up my senses, like a night in the forest."

 For a while this was the only line I knew in the song, and I was almost disappointed when I heard that the song consists of similar analogies. For me, that one analogy was enough. "A night in the forest" on its own is such a powerful, evocative, lustrous image that I don't see the need for any others, although I do find the rest of the song very lovely.


 We also visited a bird of prey centre, where we saw some amazing owls and falcons. Let me share one of my favourite songs about flying. I hope to do a whole blog post about flying songs soon.

 A talented singer performed this song at my school talent show; that was the first time I heard it and I immediately liked it. It remains one of my favourite songs.


 We saw lots of birds in the wild - chaffinches, a siskin, ducks and crows - as well as a red squirrel, rabbits - lots of rabbits -, deer and wallabies. Yes, wallabies.

 We visited a castle, got lost in a maze and sat in a giant artwork.

The artwork

 Our trip finally ended, and we drove home, going through Scotland this time. This song came on the radio. At the time, I thought I'd never heard it before, but now I think I may have done; I have a bit of déjà vu.

 I really like it; it's very simple but I love simple love songs. It goes without saying that Heather Small's voice is amazing.


 Our weekend was brilliant and really refreshing, and one I'll always remember. I hope we can return to Northumberland in the future.

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

Push the Button - Sugababes - 2005
Evergreen - Will Young - 2002
World of Our Own - Westlife - 2002
All You Want - Dido - 2001
Magic - Coldplay - 2014
Annie's Song - John Denver - 1974
On The Wings of Love - Jeffrey Osborne - 1982
Just for You - M People - 1997

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