Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy New Year!

 Hi and happy new year to all my amazing blog readers : )

 This year I am determined that I will update this blog more regularly, with the music I have been listening to, both new and old, and my favourite songs and lyrics, as well as hopefully doing some spotlight features on certain artists who I particularly admire or whose music and/or lyrics I feel is especially relevant to that moment in time.

 So, watch this space : )

 I will leave you with Happy New Year from ABBA, which I used to think people had sadly forgotten as I didn't hear it very often - however, the festive season just gone I seem to have heard it a huge amount, so perhaps I stand corrected and it is appreciated as much now as it ever was.

 I certainly hope so.

 It's an amazing song - beautiful and sweet with a very important message: it is crucial that we see the new year not just as a chance to party and enjoy ourselves but as a an opportunity to make a real fresh start, to try and better our ways and make the world a safer and happier place.

 That is a message which will never lose its importance, and which we must never forget.

 So, here is the song and I hope you enjoy it.

 I used to wish my hair looked like Agnetha's does in this video : D

 Happy new year everyone ♥

 Liz x

 Song: Happy New Year - ABBA (1980)

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