Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Roxette and others


 I am back at college after the long summer, and I am enjoying it.

 Recently I have been listening to a lot of music by Deacon Blue, as well as by Céline Dion.

 I also like some of the music that is in the charts at the moment, my favourite songs in the current Top 40 being Set Fire To the Rain by Adele, and The Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga.

 I have started to appreciate the sad but quite beautiful The A Team by Ed Sheeran; I didn't think a lot of it at first, but the I went to a party where I heard it a lot. I'm not complaining; I have really come to like this song.

 And, of course, there is always Roxette. They are probably my favourite band, and I will never grow weary of hearing their amazing songs such as Almost Unreal, Dangerous, It Must Have Been Love, How Do You Do, Neverending Love and Soul Deep.

 There are also the forgotten album tracks that I think are amazing and often better than their big hits.

 These include: Turn To Me, From One Heart To Another and Secrets That She Keeps from their first album Pearls of Passion and Dance Away and Half a Woman, Half a Shadow from their second album (and arguably their breakthrough album) Look Sharp!.

 There is also Small Talk and Perfect Day from Joyride and Bringing Me Down To My Knees from their 2001 album Room Service.

 Here is Turn To Me; probably my favourite Roxette song of all time. It is so chirpy and hopeful, and Marie Fredriksson's voice is stunning, as always.

 It's strange to think that this song was left off the original album of 1986, and was only included as a bonus track when Pearls of Passion was re-released in 1997. 

 I personally believe that Turn To Me is the best song on the album - a strong accolade from me, as I believe this whole album is a true gem, forgotten for too long. 

 It mixes the classic synth sounds and strong beats of the 80s with the unique Roxette sound, and in my opinion it may well be Roxette's finest album.

 That's not to say I don't love the others! Roxette went from strength to strength, and are still doing so to this day. Here is one of their recent songs, wheich I love, especially the official video.

 As you can see, I love Roxette, and I will probably tell their whole story on this blog sometime. For the time being, though, I'll sign off.

 Back to work!


 Thanks for reading.


 Songs: Turn To Me - Roxette (1986)
            Way Out - Roxette (2011)

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