Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Strictly good music


 Yes, Strictly Come Dancing is almost upon us once more, so I thought I would do a blog post about songs I have discovered through the programme. I watched it on-off for the first few series, then started watching it regularly the year Tom Chambers won. Over the years I've supported Denise Lewis, Colin Jackson, Tom Chambers, Ricky Whittle, Scott Maslen and Matt Baker - as you will probably have noticed if you are an avid fan, my favourites do tend to come second for some reason : (

 Probably the best musical discovery I have made through the show is this song:

 Through this dance:

 Come on, you have to love it! I would learn to salsa just to be able to do that dance! As for the song, I had heard bits of it previous to it featuring on Strictly, but this was the first time I heard a good amount of it, and I realised it's a really good song - whether performed by Deniece Williams or the Strictly band. And I love the instrumental, and what they do with it in this salsa! Plus, the lyrics are just so sweet.

 Secondly, I discovered this through another of Natalie Lowe's superb dances: her waltz with Ricky Whittle.

 This is so beautiful; I loved this pair and was deperate for them to win (they came second overall). And I love the song, and I think this dance makes perfect use of it. It's truly mesmerising.

 There is also this gorgeous dance - again Natalie Lowe; this time with her professional partner Ian Waite.

 I have seen this pair live and met them afterwards, and they are both lovely : ) This dance is so moving. It also led me to the song, which I am now a huge fan of. And her dress is so stunning! I wish I had a dress just like that! Overall, an amazing song and dance, united perfectly by two brilliant dancers and choreographers.

 This final song is one I mentioned a while ago on this blog as being a real favourite of mine. I discovered it through the Strictly Come Dancing tour, where Chris Hollins and Ola Jordan danced to it. I had never heard it before, and now I don't know how I ever managed without it. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever come across.

 So, roll on the new series of Strictly! As a Natalie fan I will have my eye on Audley, and I am also looking forward to seeing Edwina Currie; I have met her and she is lovely. I think Harry Judd and Jason Donovan are my favourites to win. I know a lot of people have their money on Holly Valance, but I don't know much about her, so I will have to wait and see how she dances on her first Strictly show.

 I know how I have to finish this, cheesy as it may be...

 Keeeeep listening!

 (I know, I know.)

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

 Songs: Let's Hear It for the Boy - Deniece Williams (1984)
            Kissing You - Des' ree (1997)
            You Don't Bring Me Flowers - Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand (1978)
            Don't Know Much - Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville (1989)

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