Sunday, 22 April 2012

Alison Moyet

 Hello my dear readers (whom I love very much),

 I am currently in the middle of a busy exam period at college, so I have been doing lots of work and revision. But I have also tried to find time to listen to some music as well, to help me stay as relaxed as possible and not get too stressed by all the extra work.

 At the minute I am listening to a lot of music by Alison Moyet; I have already mentioned her in this blog a while back because her song "Is This Love?" is one of my favourite songs of all time.

 It is just so happy and can always make me smile, and the video is lovely as well because it is a group of people having a really good time together (in Cornwall apparently; I've just looked it up) without too much of the melodrama, acting and posing that you get in a lot of music videos, especially ones from the 80s which was when this song came out. (I do love the 80s though! And 80s videos. I just like this one particularly for daring to be a bit different.)

 Another song of hers which I adore is "Invisible." I first heard this on the radio and was surprised when at the end they said that the song was by her - I had thought I would have recognised her voice, but I just hadn't. I'm not saying it doesn't sound like her; I just didn't make the connection.

 The first twenty seconds of this record are so exquisitely beautiful - the musicianship is amazing, and it justs sounds sublime. One of those musical moments that has been toned absolutely perfectly. Just fantastic. And the song goes on to be lovely as well - a very sad story, with a bitter-sweet melody; they just match so well while managing to still form quite an upbeat song. 

 "Like a merry-go-round, I'm going up; going down..."

 I must also mention "Only You," a gorgeous song she sung as one half of the duo Yazoo (the other half being Vince Clarke, who wrote the song). There was also a famous cover by the group, The Flying Pickets, which was sung a capella, and is truly amazing. But I still prefer the original, because I adore Alison ♥ 

 There are various versions; I like this orchestral one but there are more synth-based versions so I would give them a listen to as well.

 I remember being set a task in art at high school; to produce a piece of art based on a piece of music; as Kandinsky did a lot. I chose this song, and my picture was a pastel drawing of circles and dots and swirls of pink and blue and red. I just find the sound so magical, yet peaceful. I love it. The bit where she sings, "And I need you..." and she sounds like she really means it. That's my favourite lyric.

 So, I hope this has been nice for Alison Moyet fans to reminisce - and also to celebrate her, as she has until recently still been producing new material, so she is by no means a singer of the past. She is a singer of the past, present and maybe of the future - and certainly her songs are timeless and the themes in them - mainly different views on love - will always be relevant. 

 And if you are new to this singer and her music, I hope I have provided a good introduction to her, and that I have done her justice. The three songs I have chosen to highlight are only the tip of the iceberg; she has so much great music out there, so I recommend you have a listen and see what you think. You may find you have a new favourite singer.

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

Songs: Is This Love? - Alison Moyet - 1986
           Invisible - Alison Moyet - 1984
           Only You - Yazoo - 1982                                 

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