Friday, 29 June 2012

♥ June in retrospective ♥


 I am well aware that it is nearly the end of June and I haven't blogged since May. I apologise for this, although in my defence I must say that I have been very busy.

 Since blogging last, I have finished college; had my college Leaver's Do, which was lovely; done all of my summer exams; done a lot of work on some important writing projects I have had going; got a Saturday job; and have completed my course in Mandarin Chinese, through which I have met some lovely people and have learnt a lot.

 I've also been to several really enjoyable pub quizzes, and I have done a lot of zumba. Zumba, as well as being really good fun, is also for me a chance to discover some great new music, and maybe rediscover some songs that I had forgotten. 

 So, I have been busy! But I have still found the time to listen to some music. One song which came out quite recently which I really love, and which my mum also likes, is Picking Up the Pieces by Paloma Faith.

 I used to have mixed views on Paloma Faith; some of her previous songs I admired musically but I didn't really connect with emotionally. However, this song I feel is just beautiful; I love the tune, the lyrics, the emotion behind it, and of course her voice is amazing as always. And she is very beautiful. Overall, I really love this song and am looking forward to more music from Paloma in the future.

 Another recent song (or, rather, a song that has been recently rereleased) that I quite like is We Are Young by Fun.

 This was a song that grew on me; I wasn't a massive fan to begin with, because it sounded very generic. I still think it's generic, but I've come to like it anyway, just because it's a nice song to listen to, and easy to sing along to, and the tune sticks in your head!

 There can be no doubt that it sounds like many other songs (Sailing by Rod Stewart, Puisque Tu Pars by Jean-Jacques Goldman), so it gets no prizes from me for originality, but for musicality, smoothness and polish it deserves a high accolade.

 Tomorrow I intend to do one final June blog highlighting some other songs I have been listening to and enjoying during this last busy month. It will also be a bit of a celebration of June and all that I have achieved, and the good times I have had, because this has really been a special month for me personally. 

 I hope you have had a nice June as well ♥

 Yours musically

 Liz x

Songs: Picking Up the Pieces - Paloma Faith - 2012
We Are Young - Fun - 2011

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