Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Sign of the Times


 Today was a lovely day for me personally - I went to college just to sort a few things out and I ended up helping film a project for Winstanley TV, my college's TV station.

 It was really brilliant; I love being part of Winstanley TV; filming, editing and producing programmes and films. And today's project was based in the languages department of college, and I love languages - I study French and Spanish and they are what I hope to study further in the future.

 So, today was a nice day for me ♥

 I want to talk about a song which I saw on TOTP2 a while back, and which I often find drifting into my head. It is Sign of the Times by the Belle Stars, a British female pop group from the 80s.

 It is a little bit generic 80s, but I can't help loving it - the beat is good and I love the lead singer Jennie Matthias - she gets so in to the song and you believe what she is singing because she sounds so sincere, as if she means every word. 

 The woman doing the talky bits I do find a bit scary, and she reminds me of the monologue bit in Human by the Human League. The talking is my favourite bit of Human but my least favourite bit of Sign of the Times! But I do appreciate that it adds to the song.

 I hope you're having a nice day too ♥

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

Song: Sign of the Times - The Belle Stars - 1983

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