Thursday, 27 March 2014

Feels Like Home


 There has been a fairly big development in my life, in that I have moved to a new University hall of residence.

 There were various reasons behind the move which I won't go into. What I will say is that I settled into my new hall really quickly - even on the first day I felt that I was home. This song kept playing in my head:

 That was last Wednesday - eight days ago. It feels like so much longer. I feel as though I've been living here for a long, long time. I already know a large number of the hall's residents, and I have made some wonderful friends. It's safe to say that I'm very happy here.

 Long live my new home, and may many happy times be ahead of me here.

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

Song: Feels Like Home - Edwina Hayes - 2008

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