Monday, 25 August 2014

Music, cake and loom bands


Beautiful petunias in Limerick

 I have recently come back from a lovely trip to Ireland - one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time. It was so nice to see my family, to attend my uncle's beautiful wedding, and simply to have a change of scene.


 We were based in Limerick, a city I adore and which featured in my list of Top 5 River Cities for the Cuckoo Review. It is especially gorgeous at this time of year, and I enjoyed wandering around eating crêpes and photographing swans on the River Shannon.


 We also spent a day in Galway, where my father was born, and I liked it a lot - I love being near the sea. We met up with a couple of old friends, which was really nice.

Salthill, Galway

 Much time over the week was spent making bracelets and Despicable Me minions from loom bands! It was a brilliant holiday and, of course, I heard many songs that will now always bring me back there.


 Firstly, Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl played both on the radio while we were driving somewhere, and at the wedding.

 Every single time I hear the beginning of this, I think it is I Can See Clearly Now, and then I'm surprised when it's not! Fortunately, I prefer Van!

 I am a big Morrison fan - I love his song The Queen of the Slipstream - yet this, perhaps his joint best known song with Moondance, sort of passed me by when I was younger. I heard bits and pieces of it, but never sat down and listened to it properly.

 I really like it now, though, and it will forever remind me of dancing at the wedding. Whenever I hear it I will wish I had someone else to hand to dance with!


 Another song from the wedding is Neil Diamond's Cracklin' Rosie.

 I first encountered this on Stars in Their Eyes. I liked it. Then I heard the original, which to me sounded like a completely different song! Not singing-wise - the Stars in Their Eyes guy was pretty good if I remember rightly - the melody just seemed different.

 Nevertheless, I do still like it, and will now always associate it with one particular anecdote.

 It was the wedding reception, at a hotel in Limerick, and I was sitting in the bar with various relatives, chatting. I decided to go outside for some air. I hadn't realised it was raining, but I didn't mind.

 Then I discovered that the door was locked from the inside and I couldn't get in again. I could hear Cracklin' Rosie being played inside, which I was pleased about. I didn't mind being out at all; it was quite atmospheric. The night was blue and the rain was light and it was really nice.

 I wasn't there for long before one of the hotel staff found me and let me back in. It was a fun, unique experience - and one I will remember!


 A third song that I heard a lot as it was on the music channels frequently is Chandelier by Sia.

 I was doing a shift volunteering at the Book-Cycle - like a free library/bookshop - and I heard the first few bars of this and was unimpressed. Then I heard the whole thing and I was impressed. It suits her voice and it is really nice and quite different to other sings in the charts at the moment.


 I had a wonderful week in Ireland and it gave me some amazing memories - connected, as always, to music. The story of my life.

 And if you are wondering what the "cake" in the title refers to, we had two amazing cakes - the wedding cake, which was delicious and stunningly decorated, and a cake which my Granma bought to celebrate the summer birthdays among my family, of which there are a lot! That was lovely as well.

The wedding cake, designed by Gill Corrigan

The summer birthdays cake!

 Thanks for reading,

 Liz x

Songs: Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison - 1967
Cracklin' Rosie - Neil Diamond - 1970
Chandelier - Sia - 2014

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