Thursday, 14 April 2011

One of my other favourite songs!

With just about every music video I see, I think, "If I was directing this, here are the things which I would do differently..."

Yet this video is actually just about perfect. The way such a huge story - the story of a man's life and love - is portrayed so clearly in just four and a half minutes, and all in the same setting. I love it!

Also, the lyrics of the song are lovely and the melody has such an upbeat and hopeful tone to it, that it can really cheer me up if I am unhappy. 

It is also a great song to sing along to - it is so catchy! And it is so tempting to get up and dance!

I love this song; in my opinion it is one of the best songs ever written.

"Don't you dare give up... love changes everything."

Liz x 

Song: Love Changes (Everything) - Climie Fisher

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