Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Probably my all-time favourite song!

I love this song!

I first heard someone singing it on Stars In Their Eyes, and I liked the song but could only ever remember the chorus as I had only heard the song that once.

A long time passed and I forgot about it, then I heard it on the radio and I loved it and I looked it up and found the video on YouTube.

And what a lovely video! I adore seeing musicians enjoying themselves in music videos; just having a laugh and making you, the viewer and listener, smile with them.

And it goes without saying that Alison's voice is just sensational.

A lovely song, an adorable singer and a band who look like they are a great lot to hang around with, judging from the video.

Long live Alison Moyet! She is just amazing.

I hope that you enjoy this song as much as I always have done.

Liz x

Song: Is This Love? - Alison Moyet

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