Thursday, 17 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Countdown: In A Moment Like This

 Hello! Hej! Velkommen!

 Today I thought I would share with you the Danish entry in the 2010 contest; In A Moment Like This by Chanée and N'evergreen. I think it is a lovely, upbeat song - although admittedly, it does sound very like Every Breath You Take!

 He even looks like Sting! (In my humble opinion anyway.)

 I think that both of these artists are very talented, and they perform the song so well, and they work brilliantly as a duo. I also think Chanée is very beautiful, and she reminds me so much of somebody, but I just can't place who it is! 

 This was one of my favourite songs that year, along with It's For You and Butterflies - however, I felt that there were many great songs that year. I believe that without doubt Eurovision 2010 in Oslo was one of the best contests we've had in recent years.

 This song should have been last in the running order; however Spain's song suffered a stage invasion, so they got the chance to perform again at the end so theirs became the last song. I didn't mind Spain's song, but I would have preferred for In A Moment Like This to have been last - it would have been the perfect note to end on; bouncy and positive and upbeat.

 I am very grateful to Chanée and N'evergreen for this lovely song ♥

 I will be back with more Eurovision moments tomorrow.

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

Song: In A Moment Like This - Chanée and N'evergreen - 2010

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