Monday, 14 May 2012

Eurovision 2012 Countdown: Krisse - need I say more?

 Hello Eurovision fans! Hei! Tervetuloa!

 I love the Finnish language ♥ It sounds unique; so completely different to the other Scandinavian languages; to any language in fact. I also think some of the words are very pretty.

 Another thing I like about Finland is that the Eurovision they hosted in 2007 was one of the best, in my opinion. It was good in many ways, but I especially loved the contribution of this comedienne: Krisse Salminem.

 I genuinely cannot believe this was five years ago; it feels like yesterday that I was seeing this for the first time and laughing hysterically at Krisse's humour. And watching it back even now she makes me laugh and laugh every time.

 "I'm Krisse, and I'm single, and, er, where's the camera?"

 "Imagine, twenty minutes ago, I was nobody and now I am... everybody!"

 "They told me that Helsinki is beautiful... and that I'm beautiful..."

"You are really beautiful; so do you think it helps, in this kind of competition, to be beautiful?"

 "On a scale of one to ten, what does music mean to you?... On a scale of nine to ten, how beautiful am I?

"I don't know with whom I'm going to party; maybe with Serbia and Ukraine."

 I am aware that some people do not find her unique comedic style at all funny; that some people find her somewhat annoying. Well, it is a matter of opinion. But I love her, and my brother thinks her performance at Eurovision was funny.

 I don't know if I could put up with her in large doses though - if she had been one of the main Eurovision hosts it may have been a bit much. However, the role she was in, as crowd-worker and then green-room host, was just perfect for her in my view. I feel she added so much to Eurovison that year. I wish we could have Krisse at Eurovision every year!

 Kiitos, Krisse!

 Thanks for reading.

 Liz x

Video featuring Krisse Salminem
Voice-over by Terry Wogan

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